The world’s second-largest economy and the world’s fourth-largest emirate is the world leader in tourism, but its citizens enjoy far fewer freedoms than its neighbors.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the top destination in Asia, followed by Singapore and Malaysia.

But according to a new study from the World Bank, the top three destinations in Asia are Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The report shows that Thailand is the nation with the most freedom per capita, followed closely by China and the Philippines.

The researchers, led by the World Economic Forum, found that the Philippines is ranked the second-most-free country in Asia.

Vietnam was also ranked in the top 10.

The countries with the second and third-most free cities are Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

Hong Kong was ranked the fourth-most democratic country, followed only by South Korea and the United States.

The World Bank said it is important to keep in mind that the data reflects only the most visited countries.

“The number of people visiting each country can vary depending on how many countries are visited, how many people are surveyed, and how many of those countries are the top destinations,” the report said.

“Therefore, the data should not be used to infer the level of freedom or democracy.”

While the study focused on cities with a population of less than 10 million, the researchers also looked at countries with populations of more than 10,000 people.

While the report showed that the average annual income of people in Asia is higher than in the United Kingdom, it also noted that the countries with highest levels of inequality have relatively higher average incomes than other countries.

Thailand has the lowest income inequality in Asia at just 0.5 percent, followed in the middle by Singapore, followed at the bottom by the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam, according to the report.

In Thailand, people earn around 4,600 rupiah ($47) a month, compared to the United Arab Emirate’s 8,700 rupias, or around $100 a month.

Vietnam has the highest income inequality at 9.7 percent, while the Philippines has the third-highest income inequality of 3.3 percent.

While some of the countries in Asia ranked highly in the World Happiness Report, the average income of a city in the Asia-Pacific region was lower than the average in the rest of the world.

For example, the poorest cities in Asia were in South Korea, Vietnam and the Phillipines.