Canadians should be encouraged to travel to Canada, a recent survey has found, saying the country has a “good” tourism industry.

The survey by the National Tourism Association, which is a trade association for the industry, found that Canadians who visited Canada in 2016 were more likely to say the country had “good tourism” than those who did not.

“Overall, Canadians’ impressions of Canada’s tourism industry were positive in 2016, with Canadians saying the tourism industry is working hard to promote its brand,” the survey said.

“The results also suggest that Canadians are optimistic about the industry’s future.”

The survey found that in 2016 Canadian travellers were more positive about the economic outlook of the country, which was a clear indicator of their satisfaction with the tourism sector.

The survey said Canadians’ confidence in the Canadian economy was up by 11 percentage points since 2014.

Canadians also felt the country was welcoming and inclusive.

In 2016, 57 per cent of Canadians said that welcoming Canadians is important, up from 46 per cent in 2014.

In 2016, 61 per cent said they felt Canadian culture is welcoming, up by a further 9 percentage points.

“While the positive feelings towards the tourism business are encouraging, we need to do more to encourage Canadians to visit Canada,” said Rob Nicholson, director of communications for the National Tourist Council.

If Canadians are concerned about the environment and climate change, it is critical that they are able to see the world from a Canadian perspective and be able to be proud of our country.”