Posted September 25, 2018 07:24:00 British Columbia has a proud tradition of welcoming visitors from around the world, but there are many places where the U,S.

has never been welcome, and the government is doing a terrible job of it.

Guam is one of those places, and now a group of Canadians is hoping to change that.

They are calling themselves the First Guam Tourism Alliance, and they’ve got their sights set on bringing tourists from the US to British Colombia.

“Guam tourism is booming, it’s really phenomenal,” says Sam Hern├índez, the president of the alliance.

“We’ve had hundreds of people come here from the United States, but we don’t have the numbers in terms of people coming to B.C. for tourism.”

Hern├írdez says that’s why the alliance is hoping for more than just a couple of hundred people.

“It’s just the number of people who come and support this project,” he says.

“And the more people that come to support this, the more we can get to that level of success.”

It’s a lot of people.

More than 200 people from the American States have come to Bancroft, Guam, to support the project.

“That’s a very high number, but it’s not just just from the Americans,” Hernax says.

“There are also Canadians that have come and supported us as well.”

Hercules Hotel, in Bancrop, is the first of many such hotels in British Columbia.

The first to be built was the Avalon Hotel in Guadalajara in 2006, but Hernayez says this project will be the first in the country.

“There’s a ton of hotel projects going on all over B.A., but there is no infrastructure for hotel accommodation,” he said.

“It’s really about creating that infrastructure so that people can come here and have a great time.”

In the last few years, Bancrotters have seen the popularity of Guam tourism surge.

In fact, Hernayan has seen a huge increase in the number and popularity of visitors from Guam.

“When I started this project, there was no way that I could imagine the number that it would get,” he explained.

“So this project is really just the beginning of what this project aims to be.”

Heralds of the Alliance are hoping that by making Guam a destination for tourists from all over the world they can help bring people to the province.

“The tourism industry in B.L. is growing every year and the demand is really there for it,” Hery said.

“People are looking for the best places in B.”