A cruise ship carrying tourists from Cuba to the Caribbean is taking off this week.

But the arrival of a second vessel in Rio de Janeiro could be a boost for the region’s tourism industry.

The new ship, a container ship called the Triton, has been set sail from Havana and will dock in Rio De Janeiro at the end of March.

The port in the Brazilian city of Curitiba, which has become the busiest in the world for cruise ships, will welcome the ship, which is being made by Costa Cruises.

Tourism and tourism director Andreio Pérez says it is vital that Brazil becomes more attractive to tourists.

“I am a little bit optimistic that it will bring more people into the country.

But I’m also a little pessimistic that it would be so big and so popular and so successful,” he told Al Jazeera.

Costa Cruces ships are used to bringing in passengers and crew, and also for delivering merchandise.

Péez says the Tripton could also benefit Brazil’s tourism sector, which relies heavily on cruise ships for tourism.

“This is something that is not a new idea in our industry.

This is something we have been working on for years, and we are really happy to see this going ahead,” he said.

Brazil’s economy is growing at about 2% a year and its population is growing by about 10%.

But Péuez says Rio has never had a tourism boom as fast as Brazil is now.

“The country has never seen this before, and that is really exciting.

It means that Brazil can really compete with the rest of the world and that the country can take its place as the leading tourist destination in the Caribbean,” he added.