SANTA FE, N.M. — The Honolulu Tourism Board announced the hiring of a new executive director Tuesday.

The board also appointed a board member from the city’s financial services industry to lead its economic development and finance department.

The move comes as Honolulu seeks to attract new visitors to the city, with many expecting the tourism industry to grow even more in coming years.

Hilton Worldwide Inc., a hotel and entertainment company based in Atlanta, will manage the Honolulu Tourism board, which is tasked with planning and operating the nation’s second-largest tourist destination.

The Honolulu Tourism and Culture Board is expected to announce its budget on June 28.

TWC is planning to open new hotels in the U.S. and Europe by 2022.

Its chief financial officer is Stephen DeAngelo, who was a senior vice president at U.K.-based hotel chain Wyndham Hotels.

“We’ve been talking about creating a new tourism board for a while,” said Michael Leach, the board’s president.

We’re really excited to be joining a board that has a strong history of innovation and a strong track record of growth.

Hawaii has been in the spotlight in recent months as it is looking to lure foreign visitors.

In July, a group of U.N. officials criticized the city for a lack of infrastructure and public transportation.

That prompted the city to announce a $2.8 billion plan to build a $3.5 billion airport in 2019.

More recently, Gov.

David Ige announced the creation of a tourism board in 2018.

A spokeswoman for the governor said the governor believes that creating a tourism industry is key to Hawaii’s long-term success.

“We are the place where the world meets Hawaii, and we need to create a strong and vibrant tourism industry that will support the economic growth and employment opportunities of the state,” said Kimmie Hargrave.