The Marshall Islands are an island chain with a population of about 5 million people located off the southern tip of South Carolina.

The tiny nation is home to more than half the world’s population and a handful of foreign tourists.

The tourism industry is thriving, and it’s one of the top destinations for the region, especially in the summer months when it gets the most traffic.

This summer, Marshall Islands Tourism Board and the Tourism Corporation of the Marshall Islands (TCMIS) released a list of the Top 25 Things You Need to Know About Marshall Islands Tourist Tourism to help you plan a visit to the country.

Here’s what to expect: 1.

You can travel to Marshall Islands without a visa.

While you can’t legally visit Marshall Islands, you can still go to Marshall Island.

If you’re visiting for tourism, you’re allowed to visit Marshall Island, but you must complete an international tourist visa and pay a $500 fee to enter Marshall Islands.

If that sounds expensive, don’t worry, because the cost of those visa fees is actually waived.

You still need to complete an entry-exit visa and get your passport scanned, and you’ll need to bring your passport to the Marshall Island Embassy to complete that.


You’ll need a visa from the US Embassy in Marshall Islands to get into the country, and they’re accepting only US citizens, permanent residents, and those who have completed the process for the US Government’s tourist visa program.

However, there’s no limit on the number of people who can apply for an entry/exit visa.

The process is similar for those who already have a tourist visa.

If your visa has expired or is expiring, you’ll have to reapply.


There are two official Marshall Islands hotels, both in town.

The most popular hotel is The Stove and Bar on the island of Saint Helena, which has a beautiful view of the bay and the islands, and the Hotel Saint Helena on the small island of Baffin.

The St. Helena Hotel is located on a small island and has a view of St. Thomas, but is a bit more pricey than the Saint Helena Hotel, at $845 for one night.

The Baffins is also a popular destination for Marshall Islanders visiting for tourist purposes, and is located just south of the island, just off the main road in the town of Saint Charles.


The hotel rooms are comfortable, clean, and well-stocked.

Although you won’t see any palm trees or coconut trees on the islands in the spring, you will find some of the most beautiful and pristine trees in the area.


You might want to take a trip to the capital, Marshall, in the Caribbean.

Marshall Islands is a major tourist destination in the region because it’s home to the Saint Thomas International Airport, and a large number of cruise ships and other cargo ships travel between the island and Saint Thomas each year.

Marshall is also home to an iconic National Park called the Marshall Gardens.

The National Park is home and family vacation spots for locals, and there are also numerous hiking trails and picnic areas that visitors can take advantage of.

There’s also a thriving marine life park and a huge wildlife sanctuary.


Marshall Island is not a state, so there are no federal, state, or local taxes.

But you’ll find some local taxes on food and other necessities.


If the island gets a tropical storm, it’s a good idea to book a private island hotel reservation before heading into Marshall Islands or the Caribbean, so that you can be prepared.


If a storm brings flooding, there will be plenty of places to hide if the hotel doesn’t have enough rooms to accommodate everyone.


The Marshall Islanders have a very high rate of tuberculosis.

It can take years to eradicate the disease, and many people will be stuck on the mainland for a year or more because the disease isn’t yet curable.

It’s a serious disease that can kill you in a matter of weeks.


If there is a hurricane on the Marshall Isles, you should be prepared for winds up to 60 miles per hour, even in the middle of the day.

You should be wearing layers of clothes that protect your skin from the rain, and if you’re staying on a hotel property, it would be best to keep a window open and keep your windows closed.


You may not have to pay for food and drinks in the Marshall islands, but they have a special system for tourists.

There is a separate system for people from the Caribbean islands who need to buy a meal and drink at the same time, which is called “stash service.”

For $20, you get a table and a beverage, and another $40 will go to the islanders who help the tourist get their food and drink, and $10 goes to the host.

They do charge you a $1.00