A history of Australia by visiting its virtual tourism industry is back on track, with a new tourism tourism website launching today.

The new Tourism Travel Guide features new information about the country’s history and culture.

It is the first time a history of the country has been included on the website, with it the result of a joint project between Tourism Australia and Tourism New Zealand.

“We are excited to have created a new history that has the power to educate people about the importance of tourism in our nation’s history,” Tourism New South Wales Minister for Tourism Kate Jones said.

“It is a key part of our national history and it is exciting to see the Tourism Travel Guides website launch in partnership with Tourism Australia.”

Tourism is one of the most significant economic drivers of our economy and tourism is critical to our economy.

“As our tourism sector continues to grow, the knowledge and understanding that can be gained by visiting Australia’s historical sites and places of interest is invaluable for our future.”

The guide, which can be used on mobile devices and desktop computers, is an interactive journey that takes visitors through the history of our nation.

“When we talk about our history, we are talking about the stories that people tell us, the stories they tell their grandchildren, the myths that people have told over the years,” Tourism Australia managing director for the Tourism Tourism Business, Tom Smith, said.

Tourism Tourism New England said the website had been created to assist tourists who were looking to get an insight into the history and heritage of our country.

“This is the best way to learn about our country’s past,” Tourism NZ chief executive Tim MacLean said.

Mr Smith said the guide would provide information on everything from the arrival of the first Europeans in Australia to the history books.

“People have got lots of questions on this, it’s a great place to start.”

A lot of Australians are just starting to get to know what our country has to offer and we need to get the word out.

“Tourism NZ said the new website would also be useful to students who wanted to learn more about our nation and its history.”

Mr MacLean added that the Tourism Guides would be available to visitors of all ages.”

A great resource for a start, we’re hoping the Tourism Guide will be a great one for them.”

Mr MacLean added that the Tourism Guides would be available to visitors of all ages.

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