LONDON – Britain is abandoning its plans to host the UK’s largest tourist attraction in Belfast, saying it is losing millions in tax revenue because of the Brexit fallout.

British travel company Branson tourism said Thursday it will stop operating the Belfast Gateway, the main artery through the city, for the foreseeable future.

The decision was announced in a letter sent to residents in Belfast City Council.

The letter said it will begin work to relocate the gateway and move its offices to the city.

“Branson has never been a tourist destination, but this is not the time to close a key part of our cityscape,” Branson chief executive Chris Hickey said in the letter.

“We need to focus on our core business.

The Gateway is one of the best known attractions in Belfast and the city has had a strong tourism and business community for years.”

British officials say tourism has fallen in the past two years and that tourism has declined as a result of Brexit, the decision to leave the European Union and a range of other factors.

But some of the industry’s biggest names, including Disney, have said that it is important for British businesses to be part of a global community.