AUSTIN, Texas – AUSTINS, Texas, June 30, 2017: Visitors to the Las Vegas Strip and other Las Vegas attractions will soon have a new place to go for their dental care.

The North Carolina Dental Association (NCDA) is offering dental appointments for the first time since 2008, when the state began offering health care benefits to North Carolinians.

While many people have moved to other parts of the country for better dental care, North Carolina residents have been left out of the dental program in the past.

“North Carolina dental patients have been able to get dental care anywhere in the United States, but in most cases, they have been unable to do so due to a lack of dental coverage,” said Dr. Michelle Kuzman, NCDA’s director of state affairs.

Since the state’s expansion of Medicaid in 2016, nearly half of North Carolina’s counties have expanded dental coverage, bringing in an estimated $6 billion to the state.

But, unlike most other states, North Carolina has a separate state-run dental program, the Dental Health Fund, which helps those who need dental care in the community.

NCDA was one of the first in the country to expand dental coverage in 2017.

It opened its dental clinic in 2016 in the historic historic North Carolina Hotel and Casino in downtown Raleigh.

Dental care is provided at the North Carolina Medical and Dental Center, a dental school in Raleigh.

“We hope to continue to expand our dental services to more areas of the state, and to ensure North Carolina continues to lead in dental care access across the nation,” Kuzmann said.

In the past, dental coverage has been offered to people living in North Carolinas most rural counties, such as the Tar Heels and Cumberland counties.

But, those counties have seen their rates of dental care decline since North Carolina expanded dental benefits.

“The dental program is available to people who live in counties that were previously excluded from the dental benefits program,” Kizman said.

The state dental program was created after North Carolina enacted a law in 2016 allowing dental coverage to those living in rural counties.

If you or anyone you know needs dental care:Contact your local dental clinic for more information.

If you have a dental emergency:Call 1-888-871-4849 for the North Carolinian Dental Care Program.

The North Carolinos Dental and Vision Health and Human Services Department offers free dental and vision care to the general public.