The Paradise Island resort in New Zealand has announced plans to open its first two restaurants and bars within a year, as part of a $400 million investment.

The resort, a joint venture between Tourism New Zealand and Paradise Group, will open its Paradise Island restaurant and bar in 2021, with a second outlet opening later this year.

The second outlet will have “all the bells and whistles” of the first outlet, said the Paradise Group’s chief executive, Peter Neeve.

“We have done everything in our power to bring you the best experiences we can in the paradise island region,” he said.

“We have a fantastic staff, and a great team of people.”

The new Paradise Island will be the first in New South Wales and Victoria, which is the Paradise Islands biggest tourism region.

It’s been described as the “best resort in the western hemisphere”, and the third largest resort in Australia.

The resort is set to open around the middle of the year.

In a statement, the Paradise Island Group said the new restaurant and bars were “the result of a long-term plan” that included a “big push to expand our restaurant, bar and lounge network and create a unique destination for guests of all ages”.

“With over 4,500 people coming through Paradise Island each year, it’s clear that a destination for locals, guests and tourists is essential,” Mr Neeves said.

Mr Neevell said the first Paradise Island outlet, the new Paradise island restaurant and lounge will be at a location in New Orleans.

It will be a two-floor, four-room building with an outdoor bar, dining room, spa and bar.

It is the first of the two outlets to be open at a time of the resort’s expansion.

At the launch in November, the first restaurant opened at the Paradise Hotel in the New Orleans suburb of Houma.

It was called The House of Sin, and was part of the Paradise Club’s plan to expand.

But Mr Neeso said the plans had been changed as the Paradise Resort approached the end of its expansion, with the new outlet now in the middle.

A spokeswoman for the Paradise Gardens said the expansion would not affect the resort.

“We are currently developing new restaurants, bars and lounges at other Paradise islands in New England and New Zealand, and are in discussions with the Paradise group to expand the range of options available to our guests,” she said.

“While the Paradise brand has expanded globally, we remain focused on Paradise Island.”

It’s not the first time Paradise Island has made headlines.

Earlier this year, the hotel chain announced plans for an expansion in the resort, including a hotel that will be named the Paradise Bay Hotel, with an indoor swimming pool and spa.

Tunnel vision: Paradise Island expansion planned for next decadeIn a report for investors in Paradise Group in February, the company said the plan was to have more than 1,500 new restaurants and cafes in 2019.

When asked about the Paradise Golf and Club’s plans to expand, a spokesperson said the group was “continuing to explore all options to bring our golf and recreation services to New Zealand.”

“The Paradise Group remains committed to making our golf resort, the most exclusive golf course in the West Pacific region, the best destination in the Caribbean, and we are working closely with our partners and stakeholders to ensure that our resort continues to deliver the best experience for our guests.”

In February, Paradise Group revealed plans to build the Paradise island’s first restaurant and spa within the next decade.

Its first outlet opened in 2021.

According to the Paradise Beach Resort, the second outlet, at Paradise Beach, would open by the end in 2021 and would be “the perfect combination of food, entertainment and fun”.

The Paradise Island is located in a large, remote area off the New Zealand coast.

(Supplied: Paradise Group) In the late 1970s, Paradise Islands mainstay, Paradise Beach Hotel, opened in the area, with its first bar opening in 1977.

And in 1988, the Hotel Group began construction on a new casino in the village of Pakenham.

While it remains to be seen whether Paradise Island’s plans will become reality, the resort is still one of New Zealand’s top attractions.