Posted January 31, 2019 11:18:36New Year’s Eve is here!

And you can be a part of it.

In this article we’ll be covering the best and worst New Year’s Resolutions in the United States.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best New Year Resolutions and the worst New Years Resolutions from around the country.

We’re not talking about the “I woke up and found my life completely ruined” kind of New Year resolutions.

We’re talking about what you should do instead.

If you’re new to this list, you can check out the full list at our website and the list of best New Years resolutions is also available here:Best New Years Resolution(s)1.

Spend a month alone with your partner.2.

Go for a bike ride.3.

Go on a hike with your family.4.

Go fishing.5.

Go to a wedding.6.

Have dinner with your loved ones.7.

Get your car inspected.8.

Make your friends your friends.9.

Buy a new bike.10.

Go kayaking.11.

Go ice skating.12.

Buy an engagement ring.13.

Find a job.14.

Become a parent.15.

Find out how to cook.16.

Take a hike.17.

Go camping.18.

Go skiing.19.

Make some friends.20.

Join a new sports team.21.

Go hiking in the woods.22.

Go swimming in the ocean.23.

Go canoeing.24.

Get married.25.

Get a tattoo.26.

Become the mother of your child.27.

Get engaged.28.

Go mountain biking.29.

Get divorced.30.

Find an apartment.31.

Become engaged in a new city.32.

Get an apartment in your favorite city.33.

Make a commitment to spend one week in your hometown.34.

Make the most of the New Year by going to a new restaurant or bar.35.

Take part in a music festival.36.

Get drunk and party like never before.37.

Take out a loan.38.

Make new friends.39.

Have a special someone.40.

Start a new job.41.

Join your local community.42.

Join an event you love.43.

Get more work done.44.

Start your favorite hobby.45.

Start cooking.46.

Make friends with your neighbors.47.

Start volunteering.48.

Join local animal rescue.49.

Find your perfect pet.50.

Get out of the house.51.

Become an author.52.

Join the arts community.53.

Join arts clubs.54.

Find new ways to spend time.55.

Go ski with your friends and family.56.

Join sports teams you love to compete against each other.57.

Get some friends over for a game of paintball.58.

Buy your first Christmas tree.59.

Make art with your hands.60.

Make homemade cakes.61.

Go dancing.62.

Go surfing.63.

Get to know the people you want to be.64.

Find the perfect party.65.

Get dressed up for the holiday season.66.

Get ready to celebrate New Year with friends.67.

Get organized for the holidays.68.

Join community service groups.69.

Become licensed to drive.70.

Become certified as a driver’s license.71.

Get help for your mental health.72.

Get treatment for an eating disorder.73.

Go snowboarding.74.

Go hunting.75.

Get in shape for the winter season.76.

Get into shape for summer season.77.

Take your kids to the doctor.78.

Get yourself a job!79.

Start planning for your family’s holiday.80.

Join in on a group fitness class.81.

Join social activities at the local library.82.

Become active for your favorite activity.83.

Become your best friend.84.

Take care of your body.85.

Take the time to make friends.86.

Get involved in a local charitable organization.87.

Take some time to do some work.88.

Become more financially independent.89.

Start to take care of yourself.90.

Take time to explore your passions.91.

Make it a point to spend some time with friends and families.92.

Become involved in local businesses.93.

Get on a hiking trip.94.

Join some local musicians.95.

Take in a movie.96.

Join more than one holiday movie.97.

Get up close and personal with some animals.98.

Go in the forest.99.

Find something to do for the family.100.

Get together with a group of friends.101.

Become friends with a local business.102.

Go golfing with your kids.103.

Get back to work.104.

Start working on your resume.105.

Take an internship.106.

Get paid for doing something you love100.

Find someone to help you with your new project.107.

Start saving for your