New Hampshire tourism is on the rise and that trend is driven by a surge in visitors from the Great Lakes region, a new study finds.

Researchers from the University of New Hampshire’s Business School and the University at Buffalo’s College of Business and Economics examined the top five tourism trends in the United States.

It shows that the state is home to more than 100 million visitors each year.

The top five trends include:New Hampshire Tourism Association says it expects to be in the top 20 by the end of the year.

New Hampshire is home, among other places, to the nation’s largest indoor swimming pool, and a large variety of outdoor recreation opportunities.

But New Hampshire has a history of making big strides in its tourism, especially among young professionals.

This has resulted in an increase in young people visiting the state, especially for vacations.

The study also found that New Hampshire is the largest destination for Americans 18 to 34, but it’s not the only place.

According to a 2015 study, Nevada is second, with more than 30 million visitors.

But Nevada is far behind New Hampshire.

New Hampshire also ranks third in the nation for the number of people who visited a state-owned or state-run business in the first quarter of 2019, behind California and Florida.

New York ranked first in that category.

The study also noted that New York is one of the top destinations for tourists to visit, ranking third overall.

The Great Lakes and the United Kingdom have a large number of tourists from the region.

According the Tourism Board of Canada, more than 3 million tourists from Great Lakes states visited the United State last year.

However, New Hampshire leads the nation in both number of visitors and percentage of tourists who were in the U.S. from Great Lake states.