The Polish tourism office has launched a Twitter account to help people in Kazakhstan fight the growing separatist movement.

The country is embroiled in a bloody separatist conflict, with the government declaring independence from the Russian Federation last month.

The Polish embassy in Kazakhstan was quick to take up the cause on Twitter, using the hashtag #PolishTourismOffice for its campaign to help Kazakhstaners.

“This is the first time I’m seeing Twitter being used for this purpose,” the official said.

“We hope the new hashtag will help many people to understand that the situation is very difficult in Kazakhstan.

This is not a question of whether Kazakhstan should become independent, but whether Kazakhstan can become a country without Russian presence.”

The official added that the country has a large ethnic Kazakh population and it is not likely that the independence movement will be successful.

“There is a lot of support in the Kazakh community, and it’s important that we keep the fight going,” the foreign ministry official said in a tweet.

“Our hope is that the Russian embassy in the country can be used to support Kazakhstan’s independence.”

The ministry has also created a Twitter page to help promote Kazakhstan’s efforts to be a full member of the European Union.

“Kazakstan has an ambitious goal to become a full European country by 2024,” the Twitter page said.

“But the main problem is that it has to take a very hard line on the political side.”

In February, Kazakhstan signed a $2.7 billion deal with the EU to join the bloc.