A Palestinian tourist from the occupied West Bank, Jordan and Israel will visit Israel this year.

The Palestinian Authority Tourism Office announced on Wednesday that the Palestinian tourist, Mohammed Abu Nour, will be visiting Israel in June.

According to the official website of the Palestinian Authority, Abu Nor, whose name means “friend of the traveler” in Arabic, will visit his family in Ramallah, and will stay in the northern city of Ramallah until his arrival in Israel.

He will be accompanied by his Israeli fiancée, Eileen al-Abbas.

Abu Nour is a tourist from Bethlehem, the West Bank’s largest city, and is a former deputy head of the Bethlehem municipality and was arrested in 2015.

He has been in Israel since 2016 and was allowed to leave after a year of detention.

He was arrested on December 12, 2016, after he tried to leave the country on his bicycle, following which he was released by Israeli authorities on bail.

The Palestinian government has said Abu Nofar has been granted Israeli citizenship but has not released him from detention.

The PA said in January that it would allow Abu Nors entry into the country but that he would not be allowed to travel to Israel or to visit family members.

Israeli authorities have detained Abu Noutar for years.

In April, the Israeli High Court upheld his detention, ordering the government to release him.

In the ruling, the court said that the government has no obligation to provide Abu Noftar with any kind of security or protection, nor to permit him to leave his country.

He has been detained in Israeli jails for a total of 1,000 days.

He is currently being held in a maximum security prison.