Posted November 06, 2019 06:16:24The first-time visitor to the shores of Lake Erie in the United States will pay his own way.

A new bill filed in the Ohio Senate will allow visitors who have paid for their own private tours to use a $25 hotel room at a Lake Erie resort.

The hotel, called the OHIO Resort and Conference Center, is located on the west side of Lake Ontario, just across the border in the state of New York.

The bill passed unanimously, with one Republican opposed.

The Ohio State Tourism Office will not release the full name of the visitor until after the bill passes the House, but the OHio Times reported that it will be named “Catchy,” as in “I am the one who will catch this fish.”

Ohio Tourism Secretary Bill McKeown said in a statement that the bill will give OHIO visitors “an opportunity to experience Lake Erie on their own terms.”

Ohio State Tourism Secretary Brian McKeon says the bill gives OHIO guests an opportunity to “experience Lake Erie” at a hotel.

(Photo: File/Associated Press)McKeon said the bill is intended to provide “an environment for guests to experience and share with visitors the breathtaking beauty of Lake Superior.”

It will be a first for Ohio.

The state has had its first-ever private tour, called “Catching a Big Blue,” in the 1980s.

The tourism office has held private tours in the area for about two decades, according to the state’s tourism website.

McKeown did not immediately return a request for comment on Friday.

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