By Kaitlyn O’ReillyPublished Aug 02, 2019 10:19:55Maryland’s tourism industry is still reeling from the death of a man who drowned in the Great Bayou while surfing in April.

On Thursday, state officials said a man drowned in Chesapeake Bay on April 2.

The Maryland State Police says a 29-year-old man died at a local hospital.

Maryland Tourism Board President John P. Smith Jr. said the state has no records of any of the previous deaths of a visitor to the state in recent years.

He said there are no records that indicate that a visitor is more at risk than the general population.

Marylanders were able to take advantage of the Great Lake’s shallow waters, with a number of attractions like the Inner Harbor, a new $1 billion park, and the Great Red Sea.

But with the death toll now at four, the state is scrambling to find a way to make the tourism economy better for all of its residents.

In 2018, the Great Lakes were named among the top 10 tourist destinations in the U.S. and ranked among the best in the world, according to a study by Travel + Leisure.

A survey by the Associated Press found that Maryland ranks second among U. S. states when it comes to tourism, behind Florida.

But for tourists who are just coming to the area for the first time, there is an extra challenge.

The Great Bay was the scene of several major disasters, including Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Harvey, which left over 3 million people homeless.