Maryland tourism officials have announced a price hike for tourists from Israel and the US.

The Maryland Department of Tourism and Community Development (MDTD) announced on Monday that the standard price for a Maryland visitor’s trip to Israel and a number of US states will increase by $1,200, from $1.35 to $1 in 2018.

The price increase was announced in a press release issued by the MDTD.

It is expected to affect travel to Israel, as well as to many other states.

According to the MD TD, a typical family of four would be paying an extra $6,100 in 2018, compared to $5,100 the previous year.

The hike was made to help offset the additional cost of ticket and accommodation expenses.

Travel to Israel is already on a record high.

In 2017, Maryland tourism agencies reported an average of 1,934,000 visitors, an increase of 9.1 percent from the previous fiscal year.

The new price hike was part of the Maryland Economic Development Council’s 2018 Economic Impact Report, which will be released this fall.

The report, released on Monday, noted that Maryland is expected continue to expand tourism to the US, and it expects to bring in an additional $1 billion in economic activity.

The MDTD also announced a $200 million economic development fund to help support Maryland’s tourism industry.

It also announced the establishment of an Israeli embassy in Maryland, and the establishment and implementation of a Maryland tourism office in Washington, D.C.

The Israeli Embassy in Maryland was announced by the Maryland Tourism Authority (MTA) in June.