New Jersey, New York, and Maine are the first two states in the country to open for summer vacation, with the first weekend of July marking the first of four consecutive weekends for full-time vacationers to visit their beaches.

On Wednesday, the state announced the start of summer vacation in New Jersey with the opening of the first day of the month, July 10, for the first time since the state opened for summer vacations in 2012.

As of Monday, July 7, more than 2.7 million people were planning to visit the state, with 1.6 million planning to take advantage of the summer vacation programs, which will include day trips, long-distance overnight stays, and hotel stays.

According to the New York Times, summer vacation can also help boost tourism, as New York City and Philadelphia have been seeing more visitors since the first weekends of July, but are not expected to be able to handle the full workload until next year.

With the start in July, New Jersey will have the third-highest annual tourist numbers for the entire summer, behind only New York and California, according to the Tourism Department.

Accordingly, the New Brunswick, New Hampshire, and South Jersey beaches are the next most popular in the summer months, with beaches in South Jersey seeing a slight uptick in visitors in the last three months, according the tourism department.

In New York state, beaches will open in July as well, but with the full complement of services for visitors, including day trips to the parks, and overnight stays at hotels, the city’s beaches will remain open for the summer.

The beach season begins on Monday, August 11.