By Chris Sager-FowlerAs the president prepares to enter his second year in office, the U.S. is going through a period of transition.

Trump is a man with a long history of attacking the media and attacking people who he disagrees with.

His first inaugural address, which was a scathing attack on the media, and his inauguration speech were filled with insults against the press.

His new White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was also on the campaign trail, calling journalists “dishonest” and a “liar.”

But Trump’s policies have not changed much in the years since he took office, and there are signs that things are changing.

In fact, there are some encouraging signs for tourists, according to tourism experts and travelers.

Here are five things to know about the trip that Trump is about to take in the coming months.1.

Mexico is a good place to visit, even if you are not an American citizen or resident.

In some ways, it’s an interesting contrast from other places that have been targeted by Trump.

He has vowed to build a wall between the U,S.

and Mexico and to close all border crossings.

And his administration has taken a hard stance against the Central American country, saying it is a “drug cartel country.”

Mexico, which has been devastated by decades of drug trafficking, has also been an exception to the rule that a president has to respect the constitution and respect international law.

However, it also has been one of the most popular countries in the world to visit for Americans.

There are a number of reasons for that.

Many Americans enjoy the country, and Mexico is one of those countries that the Trump White House likes to praise.

The country is known for its cuisine and for its culture, and its culture is a major draw for Americans to visit.

Mexico also has a vibrant nightlife and its people are passionate about their country and its way of life.

For some of the more curious visitors, Mexico has been a destination for the past century.

The government has been trying to re-establish contact with the people of the country after the U-S.

embargo and the loss of many Americans during the Cold War.

In many ways, Mexico is still a destination that Americans can visit.

And even if there are no U.s. citizens living in Mexico, many Americans can still get in touch with their family or friends there.

Mexico, of course, is also one of Trump’s favorite countries.

But the U has also recently been facing problems with its border and its human rights record.

In addition, there is growing concern in Mexico about Trump’s threats to build the wall and deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

And there are fears that Trump will not respect the U.-S.

relationship with Mexico.

The United States is the largest economy in the Americas, with nearly half of the world’s population.

But it is the third-largest exporter of goods and services in the U., with exports to the U$1.8 trillion economy.

The U. has been working to mend fences with Mexico over the past few years, and Trump has been vocal about his support for free trade.

However and wherever he goes, tourists can visit Mexico with a sense of pride and hope.