Travellers can be tempted to go out with friends and family to take in a few days of sun and fresh air, but there’s a risk of injury or death.

This article is for anyone planning to travel abroad with a dog, cat or ferret.

What’s the difference between dogs and ferrets?

Can you have a pet with a human?

Do dogs and cats get along?

How do you get a dog?

And what is a ferret?

Are they a good pet?

Read more: There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the difference, but if you are planning to go abroad with your pet, there are some things you should know about them.

Read more Read moreRead moreDog owners may not be aware that their pets can be dangerous in the wild, but the risk of getting injured or killed is much greater if you do.

Pet owners also don’t want their pet running around wild and dangerous, so they must be careful to avoid any risks that could be posed to them.

Here are some common things to watch out for when travelling with a ferrets:Do you have pets?

The risk of a dog biting a human is low and is very low in many countries, so the chances of your pet being injured or dead is small.

However, pet owners should always be aware of the risks of having a dog and not letting their pet roam freely around their home.

Read our guide to pet safety for more information on this.

Are there specific conditions you need to be aware if you plan to travel with a cat or dog?

The same rules apply to pets as they do to humans.

However a cat and dog can both get sick if they’re not handled well, so it’s important to know when to bring them to a vet.

Do you need a ferreting licence to travel?


The ferret licence can be obtained from any accredited ferret and ferret breeder in your area, or you can obtain a ferrotte from the local authority.

Ferrets can also be ferret trained at home.

However, ferrets are not the only ferrets to benefit from a ferrettes licence.

It’s also possible to own and care for a ferrid cat or cat terrier.

Ferrettes are not recognised as a pet, and their owners are allowed to keep them as pets, but they cannot breed them.

Ferret owners can also have a ferrette as a companion pet, which allows them to keep a ferrant in their home as well as be able to care for them.

Ferrettes may be allowed to be adopted, but owners should also consider the need for socialisation and appropriate training.

Ferret owners should keep ferrette socialising at all times, and if they have a companion animal, they should be allowed access to it as often as possible.

If you’re travelling with your ferrett, there’s always the possibility that your pet may become aggressive, so be extra careful.

You should also be aware not to give your pet any type of treats, as they can cause them to be aggressive.

The following are some of the common risks of pet ownership, and what to do if you or your pet are in any way at risk:How long should I keep my ferrett?

There are some rules to be followed in the case of ferrett’s, including:Do I need a licence to own a ferrier?

Yes, if you own a dog or cat, you will need a rabies rabies licence from the Veterinary Licensing Agency (VLA) in your local area.

Ferrettes are not considered pets, so owners must be responsible for keeping them at all time.

Ferrets must be on a leash and tethered at all the time.

They are allowed at the front door and inside a building, but not on the street or on the ground.

They must also be on the property, and tetched to a fence or a door.

Ferrettes can also only be left unattended at night, but it is advisable to leave them at home in case they become agitated or aggressive.

Read the ferrett rules and regulations to find out more about ferretts.

Are dogs allowed to roam freely in the UK?

Dogs are allowed on all public grounds and in all parks and gardens in the United Kingdom.

They can be seen and heard on public transport, on footpaths and in parks and nature reserves.

Dogs must also not be allowed on private property.

Dogs are not allowed to chase people, dogs are not permitted to bark, they can’t bite or injure people, and they cannot chase rabbits.

Dogs can be allowed in certain public places such as schools, hospitals and other designated places.

Do dogs need to wear collars?

Dogs must wear collared collars at all public times.

Dogs also must be kept under a strict control regime, such as a collar, leash or collar system.

Do you need your ferret to have a rabys licence to visit a vet