With the tourism boom in the Pacific island nation booming, a lot of people are going out and getting drunk on the island.

That’s especially true of those in Hawai’i, where tourism is booming in the form of cheap drinks and casual dining.

We spoke to our Hawaii Tourism Experts about how to avoid getting too drunk and what to expect.1.

Be careful about where you goWhile Hawaii is a paradise, there are plenty of dangers out there.

If you’re not prepared, you might get attacked or attacked by other tourists.

Be aware of the crowds at some of the beaches, which can get pretty crowded, especially in the winter.

If there’s any danger at all, just avoid the tourist spots and be careful.


Know your boundariesThe most dangerous parts of Hawaii are the islands closest to the mainland, like Maui, Hilo and Kahului.

But if you’re in Hawaii, there’s always the Big Island of Oahu, which is in the middle of the country, about 30 miles from the mainland.

There are plenty other places to visit on the Big Islands, such as the Big Beach at Oahu’s popular Kaena Beach, and the famous Mauna Kea Observatory.

The islands closest mainland to Hawaii, Maui and Hilo, are also great places to go to.3.

If it’s not safe to drink, don’t drink at all1.

Don’t drink alcohol if you can avoid it.

If the law in your area states you can’t drink in public places, that’s fine.

But in Hawaii it’s illegal to consume alcohol in public.

If a person is in a place where it’s technically legal to drink alcohol, they are breaking the law and you should be safe.2.

Be cautious of the touristsThe main attraction for many tourists is the thrill of the experience, so be careful about any interactions that might be too physical or aggressive.

If your experience isn’t what you’re looking for, go somewhere else.3: Don’t bring a gunIf you plan on doing anything remotely dangerous, like going on a hike, a camping trip, or even going to a festival, it’s best to stay out of sight of people.

If people are looking for you, it could be a good idea to bring a firearm.

In Hawaii, that means a concealed carry permit.4: If you have a gun, make sure you get a permitBefore you go out and buy a bottle of wine, you should make sure to get a concealed weapons permit.

It is required to carry a gun in Hawaii and is the most important thing you need to do before you can buy a glass of wine.

To get a gun permit, you must be a resident of Hawaii.

You can apply online or at a local permit office, and your application must be complete.

There is also a gun sale permit.5: Know your rightsIf you are going to have a drink in a public place, be aware that the law requires you to leave at least two people behind.

Be sure to wear a mask and be alert for possible police or alcohol enforcement officers.

You may need to show proof of identification, such a a a driver’s license or a concealed weapon permit.6: Don