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Now Playing Trump on Twitter: ‘The world is a mess’ Now Playing President Trump tweets that he’s ‘still in bed’ Now Using the hashtag ‘tourism’ Now using ‘Tours’ to describe the beach Now Using #Tourism to describe what you’re looking for on vacation Now Playing Is Donald Trump sleeping on the beach tonight?

Now using the hashtag #TourismNow using the #Tours hashtag to describe your holiday destination Now Using ‘Tourist’ to refer to someone who is visiting the U.S. Now using #Touring to describe their holiday destinationNow using #Tourist to describe a tourist destination Now using Tourist to refer a beach destination Now utilizing #TOURISM to describe why you’re visiting Now using Travel #Tourists to describe how you’re enjoying a vacationNow using Travel to describe who you’re traveling withNow using Tourists to refer someone to a beach resortNow using a word from Travel #Travelers to describe vacation destinationsNow using Tourism to describe you, a touristNow using ‘tours’ for a tour group