When I was growing up, Idaho was my new home.

But, when I moved back to the state a couple years ago, I decided to give it a shot again.

That meant exploring the state’s great outdoors.

This year, I’m traveling to Wyoming for the first time, and I’ve been blown away by what I’ve experienced.

Here’s everything I learned from my time there.


There are a lot of great adventure tourism destinations in Wyoming.

There’s even an awesome hiking trail!

I’m going to Wyoming to experience some of the greatest outdoors in the country.

It’s a place that’s a perfect combination of adventure and comfort.

When I was there last summer, I found the best way to get to my destination was by car, but I’m taking a motorcycle and biking.


It can be a bit chilly outside in the cold winter months.

I found the temperature in Wyoming a bit more than I expected.

It felt like the sun had gotten to me.

The temperature was always in the 40s.

The day I was up in Wyoming, I got about an hour of sleep.


The mountains in Wyoming are absolutely stunning.

We stopped by the town of Green River to check out the mountains in the area.

The terrain was incredible.


WYomings people are friendly and very welcoming.

It’s a good thing I didn’t take too long to get a good tour of the local landmarks, as it would have been a little stressful getting to a spot that wasn’t so well-known.


It is cold outside in Wyoming in February.

If you’re planning to visit Wyoming in March, I highly recommend going up to the Grand Canyon. 6. I didn