Travelers will soon find that the best hotels in Laos can be found on the island nation of Laos.

For the uninitiated, Laos is a tropical island country of some 11 million people, and is home to more than 30 million people.

The country has been in a deep economic crisis since a coup in 1989.

Many tourists, especially backpackers, are drawn to the country because of the country’s tropical climate, beaches and natural beauty.

But Laos is also known for its harsh economic conditions and extreme poverty.

This means that a lot of backpackers will struggle to find a good hotel in the capital city, Lùnh-tế, the capital of Laos, according to the Lonely Planet guidebook Lonely Planet Laos.

Some hotels have been closed in recent years, and many people have returned to rural areas and the countryside, which are hard to access by car.

Here are a few of the best backpackers hotels in LÙnh.


A Thai tour guide’s hotel in Lào Lình is the second best hotel for backpackers in Líng-tông.

The Aka Chàn hotel is located in Lânh, the main island in the southern part of Laos and the largest island in Southeast Asia.

It has a beautiful view of the capital, Lành Lòng, and offers a great variety of facilities.

This hotel is rated one of Lonely Planet’s top 10 hotels in the world.

There are three rooms and three suites for a price of Rp 1,300 per night.


Hotel Làoc Phàn in Lèu-châo National Park is rated as one of the most beautiful hotels in Asia, which is why it has attracted many backpackers.

This famous hotel in Nèh, Laos, is one of many popular destinations in Laos.

This popular hotel has a spectacular view of Làot LÚng, the largest mountain in the country.

There is also a large beach and nature trails, which makes this hotel a great option for backpacker travelers.


The popular “Kung Fu Palace” hotel in Luang Prên is a very popular hotel in Thần-Tương, one of Laos’ largest provinces.

This is the most famous tourist hotel in central Laos, and it is located at a location called Tấn-tượng in the province of Thị-thiền.

This tourist hotel offers a spectacular panoramic view of Thưu Thân, the country´s largest mountain, which can be reached by bicycle.


The famous Thài Hotel in Thèng-Nì, the famous tourist destination in Thùng-Vưên, is a popular tourist destination.

This landmark hotel is situated in the heart of Thìi province in the northeast of Laos along the Mekong River.

There, it is home of a number of historic buildings and tourist attractions.

This beautiful hotel has two rooms and one suite for a cost of Rn 20,000 per night, and the reception desk has a huge display of Thàian lanterns.


The Hotel Công Lýa is one the most popular hotels in Phêng-Lì National Park, and has attracted a lot more backpackers to it than the other two.

Located in the south-west of the park, this hotel has rooms ranging from Rp 600 to Rp 2,000, which allows visitors to relax and experience the beauty of the region.


The most popular backpacker hotel in Châi-yè is located on the main mountain of LÑan, in Lênh Tửn.

The hotel is one-of-a-kind, and features a magnificent view of Lake Phạn and a wide selection of amenities including restaurants, bars, lounges, and a cinema.


The Khao Thông Hotel in Lúnh Nîn is the number one backpacker backpacker property in Lóng-nê, Lèo-nôn province.

Located on the slopes of the Mount Lông Không in Lüan, this resort hotel is the largest in the whole of Laos with a breathtaking view of Mount LÔng Khong and Lake Phên. 8.

The “Nàn-Thông” resort in Lôy-lên National Park has been a popular choice for backpack-ers travelers in recent months.

Located near the village of La Nôn, this luxurious resort hotel offers the best of the surrounding resorts.


The Lâo Lús hotel in Phôn-mên has been very popular for backpack travelers in the past few