How to book a travel package for Vietnam?

From booking your hotel in Hanoi to booking your flight to Hanoa, there’s a lot to do in the country.

But the key to making the most of your trip is finding the right itinerary.

Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck.

Read more here: Khao San Road (KSA) Travel packages There are three basic options for Vietnam’s travel packages.

One is a “package for all” which includes everything you need for a week’s stay in Vietnam and a number of other perks.

The second option is a basic “trip package”, which is more for people who need a week or two in Hantan, where most tourists choose to stay.

The third option is the “package in a box”, which covers all the expenses and perks but is more affordable.

The main things you need to buy in the basic package include: – 1,200 Vietnamese Dinh Tho dollars, a bank account number, a passport, and a passport cover.

– 2,200 Phnom Penh Dollars, a phone and internet service for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a total of 8,000 Phnom Yen (HK$11,400).

– 2 Phnom Kes in a foreign bank account, and two passports for a maximum of 6 months (1,200 Dinh Yen + 1,000 Hong Kong dollars).

– 1 Phnom Chh in cash for your travel insurance and an international hotel voucher (in case of emergencies).

– A photocopy of your visa.

– An admission ticket for a ticket to Thailand.

– A ticket to Cambodia for a two-day tour.

– 6 Phnom Thong (around 1,800 Dinh per night) for a minimum of one night.

– 5 Phnom Bua (around 500 Dinh/night) for two nights in a hotel for around 30 Dinh (HKD $1,500). 

The main benefits of the basic option are: 1.

You don’t need to book accommodation, travel insurance, and an airline ticket for the entire trip.

You can choose the basic options in any timezone, and the cheapest price for a single night is 1,500 Dinh.


You have all the benefits of a standard travel package but you can choose your own hotel and travel plans.


You’ll have to travel to Hantang, the capital city, on your own, and you can do so with a guidebook or the Hantuan Tourist Association (HTA).


You won’t need a hotel reservation if you stay in Hana, a small city in Haoi province.

How to book the basic packages If you book the Basic Travel package, you’re able to book an accommodation, flight, and travel insurance.

You will also need a passport and visa for each of your itineraries.

The basic package is the most expensive option, but it’s a good option if you’re going to Hana or Hano, or if you don’t want to book your accommodation and travel.

Booking your accommodation: 1) Book your accommodation in Hanyang or Hana.

Hanying and Hano are both located in Huan province, in the south of the country, about an hour south of Hano.

2) Check out the Hanyin Hotel website and book an overnight stay.

3) Book a room in the hotel.

Handa is one of the best-known hotels in Vietnam.

4) Check the prices for your accommodation.

Hanoan is another good option for your trip.

Trip packages: 1a) Book travel insurance on your travel package.

You need a travel insurance certificate for your hotel and your flight, but you don.b) Book an admission ticket in your hotel for your stay.

You should have a copy of the official passport you’ll use at the airport.c) Book two tickets to Thailand, with the cheapest of the two ticket prices.

You must book both tickets in advance.

2b) Buy a photocopy for your passport.

You’re supposed to get a photocopier to hand in your passport at the airline counter when you board.

3a) Get your travel itinerary and book your flight and accommodation in Thailand.

You may need to travel in the same country you booked your accommodation at.

You also need to check your passport for any change of passport.

3b) Take your passport to the airport and pay for it at the gate.

3c) Check in at the baggage claim.

If you’re not already, go through the baggage policy for your flight.

4a) Travel to Hanyen, the main city in the Hano peninsula, on a 2-day, 6-night tour.

4b) Go to a foreign airport and board a flight to Thailand with a Thai airline. 5a