Iowa tourism officials say the state is ready to offer more destinations for those who travel to the Big Ten this fall.

The tourism board on Thursday released a list of 16 to 18 new locations to add to the state’s list of destinations for travelers to Iowa, including Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

The list includes six new destinations in the Cedar Rapids area and three in the north side of Iowa City, including a new attraction called Cedar Rapids Zoo, the Des Moines Register reported.

The state is also looking to expand its list of locations to include places that have not been added to the list, including the Twin Cities and Milwaukee.

The Big Ten announced Thursday that it will expand its 2017-18 tour package to the five Big Ten states in August.

The Big Ten will offer a six-day package of six visits to six Big Ten schools and colleges and one-on-one visits to a Big Ten athletic team.

The six Big 10 schools and universities that will be added to that tour package include Iowa State, Minnesota, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin.

The Iowa Tourism Department said the Big 10 tour packages are designed to attract more visitors to the U.S. and to increase the value of the travel experience for Iowa.

“This year, the Big 12, Big Ten and Big Ten Tournament will expand to include eight new schools,” Iowa Tourism Director Michael Lipski said in a release.

“The Big 12 and Big 10 Tour packages will expand the value proposition of the Big Six tour package, which is the only non-conference Big 12 package offered by the Big Three conferences.”

Big Ten Tour packages offer unique experiences that are a great fit for college and university student-athletes, families and visitors to Iowa.

Big Ten Tour package packages are an exciting way to spend a weekend in Iowa and to experience some of the top college sports in the nation.

“I am thrilled to announce the Big Eight, Big 10 and Big 12 Tour packages.

These are exciting new experiences and will be offered for the first time in 2018,” Lipskin said.

Iowa’s Big Ten expansion is not the only one the state has in the works.

The state is adding five new locations this fall to its tour package.