More than a million people worldwide have been diagnosed with Zika infections, and more than 6 million have been hospitalized.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the virus has been linked to birth defects, neurological disorders, developmental delays, and mental illness.

The CDC also says more than one million Americans have been tested for the virus.

Health officials in the US, Canada, and Europe have been scrambling to determine how to respond to the virus, and whether to increase awareness.

In the UK, Health Minister Andrew Lansley said Thursday that the government is working with local health authorities to find ways to increase infection control measures and to educate people about Zika.

In the US state of Georgia, the US Centers for Diseases Control and Protection said the CDC’s Zika response team was working with state and local health departments to prepare for a possible Zika outbreak.

Lansley also said that the CDC is working to reduce the number of people who travel to countries where Zika is circulating and said the agency has expanded its work in areas that were previously under-resourced.