Hawaii tourism will return to the golden age of the tourism industry once more in 2019 with new initiatives to boost visitor numbers and reduce pollution, the Tourism Department said.

Key points:The tourism department will be working with the community to make sure people return to Hawaii more frequentlyTourism Minister Mark Haskins says tourism was a key to the economy for many years and that the government would be doing everything it could to boost tourismThe Department will be launching a new tourism strategy with a focus on reducing pollution in the islands’ tourist hotspots and encouraging people to stay longerThe department is also creating a tourism advisory council, to help local businesses and other stakeholders create a plan to increase tourism in Hawaii, Mr Haskin said.

“The tourism industry has been a key part of our economic growth, generating $3 billion in revenue for the state in the past two years, and it will continue to be a key driver of our economy and the state’s economic future,” he said.

A key part in the new strategy will be to promote a new generation of Hawaiian tourism, with a more frequent, shorter and less polluted visit.

“Over the next two years we are looking to work with the tourism community to ensure that we have the most successful tourism programs in the island,” Mr Hasslin said.

Tourism has been the key to Hawaii’s economic growth and a key source of revenue for tourism companies since the island gained its independence from the United States in 1959.

Mr Haskinson said the state had made significant progress towards reducing pollution and reducing pollution levels in areas of the island where tourism was most prevalent.

“We are proud to be leading the world in the use of green technology and sustainable technologies in Hawaii,” he added.

The Department of Tourism and Culture will be establishing a Tourism Advisory Council to help create a sustainable tourism strategy.

“This advisory council will assist local businesses, industry, government and other groups to design and implement a plan that includes the following measures:Improvements to existing and future facilities and services to help reduce pollution levels, including removing and recycling waste and litter.

Improvements in air quality and water quality and to improve water treatment and waste management.

Improvement in visitor safety and security.”

As we strive to make Hawaii a more enjoyable place to visit, we are determined to work hard to continue to make the islands a popular destination,” Mr Ho said.