Ecuador tourism has been booming for a number of years now, with new visitors to the country from around the world.

However, with the number of international tourists also increasing, the country’s tourism industry is also facing an economic crisis.

Ecuador Tourism Minister Jose Carlos Guilherme has been leading the way in a way that has helped boost tourism revenues.

Guilhelme is the Minister for Tourism, Tourism Infrastructure and Economic Development and he announced this week that he has increased the number and scope of tourist opportunities in the country, bringing the country closer to being a “world class tourism destination.”

Ecuador Tourism has become a major tourism industry in the last two decades.

In 2015, the total number of tourists visiting Ecuador increased by 30.3% from the previous year.

The country is the top tourist destination in the world with over 2.8 million visitors.

The number of visitors in Ecuador reached a record of 1.98 million in 2016, and the country has been one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

The increase in tourists coming to Ecuador has been due to the rise of the tourism industry.

The main reason is the growth in the number tourists coming from all over the world, particularly from the United States.

Guillemme said that the number has grown because Ecuador has become the first country in Latin America and the Pacific region to have a truly global tourism industry, and that it has also helped to boost Ecuador’s economy.

“The economic situation in Ecuador is extremely difficult because of the economic recession,” Guilhemme said.

“We have to find solutions to improve the situation for the people.”

The minister said that his government is working with the United Nations to provide the necessary assistance to the tourism sector.

Ecuador is one of Ecuador’s poorest countries, and Guilhemme pointed out that there is no money available for the development of the country.

“There is no foreign exchange, no money in the economy,” Guilleme said, adding that Ecuador needs to make a “political decision” and raise the money needed to develop the tourism and tourism infrastructure in the coming months.

Ecuador’s Tourism Minister said that Ecuador is looking for “a strong economic strategy” in order to provide for the country to meet its economic needs.

“If we want to create a sustainable economic environment for the future, then we need to look at economic and social development and development of our economy,” he said.

The minister also said that he is working to boost the country and its tourism sector in order “to increase the number” of tourists, in order for it to be a “global tourism destination”.

Ecuador’s Minister for the Economy, Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure, José Carlos Guilemme, speaks to media at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Britain, March 15, 2021.

The Ministry has set aside $6.3 million for the next three years for tourism projects in Ecuador.

Ecuadorian Minister of Tourism Jose Carlos Gustavo Guilhi, speaks at a news conference at the Government of Ecuador in London on March 16, 2021, to announce the new $6 million project.