Dubai has begun issuing temporary visa visas for those wishing to work in the country’s tourism sector, a move that is aimed at boosting the tourism sector in the Middle East.

In an announcement today, the emirate announced the creation of two temporary visas that would allow those who wish to work as tour guides, tour operators and interpreters in Dubai, including those with a visa, to do so without requiring them to get permission from the Tourism Authority of the UAE.

This visa would allow for the holder to work for up to a maximum of three months for the tourism authority and a maximum stay of up to 12 months, the Dubai government said in a statement.

“The tourist visas for these individuals will be available at a limited time starting today,” the statement added.

The announcement comes after the emirs tourism minister, Ahmed al-Jarba, met with the countrys tourism board to discuss the creation, and the creation and delivery of the visas.

Al-Jarbalas office in the UAE has been handling the implementation of the new rules and has started issuing them.

A number of international tourist agencies, including the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, have said they are also considering the introduction of temporary visa restrictions.

Under the rules, those working in the tourism industry in Dubai can only be employed for a maximum two years.

These are for those who hold a tourist visa and do not have a job offer from their employer.