DENMARK – Denmark’s tourism ministry said Thursday that it will begin offering a tourist tax deduction in the northern part of the Arctic Ocean as part of a pilot project that aims to reduce travel costs for travelers who are not traveling on an international flight.

The ministry said it will start issuing the credit for a tourist season starting Jan. 1 in the North Atlantic Ocean and its southern neighbor Greenland.

The ministry also said that the tax will be offered for all travelers in the region who plan to travel on a European or Canadian flight within the next year.

Traveling on an airline or cruise ship is allowed within the EU or Switzerland.

Travelers can use the tax credit on domestic flights that take off from the Nordic countries or in the United States.

Travelers who have to make their way to the United Kingdom or Ireland can apply for the credit on a similar basis.

The government said that some airlines have already begun offering the credit.

But it said it does not have enough information to determine whether the tax can be extended to other regions in the north.

Denmark has already taken steps to attract more visitors to the North and Atlantic, including extending the tax break to all passengers from the European Union and Switzerland.