China is planning to hold a tourist carnival in the Taiwan Strait on May 1, which will feature a spectacular display of Chinese culture.

According to Chinese media reports, the event is part of China’s efforts to boost tourism in Taiwan.

The Beijing-based China Tourism Institute (CTI) is organizing the festival, which is expected to be a three-day event that will feature more than 50 events.

The China Daily reported that the festival will take place on May 2 at a location in Taipei and will attract about 5 million people.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism, Taipei, told the newspaper that the event was “designed to attract tourists from all over the world”.

China has been in negotiations with Taiwan to expand tourism in the country since the island became independent from China in 1949, after decades of diplomatic wrangling.

Last year, Taiwan welcomed about 100,000 Chinese tourists, up from around 15,000 in 2011.

The event is being promoted by China’s Tourism Bureau and Tourism Taiwan, which has launched a campaign to convince Taiwan’s tourism industry to expand its operations in China.

China has also signed an agreement with Taiwan that will see Beijing and Taipei cooperate in the development of the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Autonomous Region, a territory that has its own diplomatic and economic relations with China.