Carnival season in Ghana is now a way for the nation’s people to celebrate the holidays and their love of the holidays.

Ghana’s Tourism Minister Ngozi Omoi said there is a growing interest in tourism and people are willing to pay a lot for a holiday.

“This year, Carnival is a way that people are able to go out and enjoy the carnival spirit.

There are so many festivals around Ghana that people can attend them,” Omoio said.

Ghania Tourism Minister Omoie said the government has taken steps to make the country more appealing to foreigners.

“We have put in place the necessary measures to ensure the best possible conditions for people who are travelling to Ghana,” OMOi said.

He added that the government is also working on improving the way Ghanaians are travelling abroad.

“For example, we are working on the logistics of tourism so we have a network of accommodation facilities,” Omoni said, adding that a lot of these facilities are being used for festivals and weddings.

Omoio added that Ghanaians have been asking for greater protection from criminals.

“If there are people who want to take advantage of people’s holiday, it is a serious matter, so we are looking at ways to tackle that problem,” Okoio said, noting that Ghana is already the country with the lowest number of reported rapes in the world.

Ghama has a very strong tradition of Carnival celebrations and the Tourism Minister said he hopes the Ghanaian government will also work to ensure that the country has a strong and vibrant Carnival season.