Belarus is planning to launch a tour of its national park after President Alexander Lukashenko announced in April that the country was hosting the first visit to Belarus by an American woman since her country became a member of the Western Hemisphere’s Association of Free Trade Agencies (AHFTA).

The trip, planned for late May, will include a five-day trip to Belarus, which Lukasoshenko says will provide an opportunity to “show that we have a new era of cooperation” with the United States.

Belarusian tourism has been one of the best-performing sectors of Belarus’s economy since the 2014 collapse of the Soviet Union, with the country’s tourism sector now estimated at $50 billion.

Lukashenko says the trip will also provide a “great opportunity” for Belarusian businesses to gain foreign exchange.

Belinskis tourism, in particular, has been growing steadily since Lukasovich first came to power in 2014, with growth rates averaging 3 percent a year in the past three years.

The country is home to more than 20 million people, but the majority of them are ethnic Russians.

Belarus has a population of about 20 million, of which only 2.5 million are ethnic Belarusians, according to data from the Belarusian census.

Loukashenko has been under pressure from the U.S. over his decision to grant asylum to asylum seekers from Syria.