Travellers in the country of Sudan are getting used to very different weather patterns than people living in Australia.

The country’s capital, Juba, is getting scorching heat, and the air is extremely humid.

In Juba the humidity is usually higher than the national average.

The dry season lasts from November to February, and it can last as long as six months.

But for a trip of a week or so, the humidity can be low and you may need to head inland to escape the heat.

A day trip to Juba’s capital Juba is a two-day trip.

The journey takes around four hours.

A typical day in Juba would consist of two and a half hours on the bus, which can take a while to get to the capital city.

Travellers can also use a camel or a motorbike.

The journey to Jumba, or Juba International Airport, is not a simple one.

A plane takes off from Juba airport at 5:15 a.m. and lands in the city at 6:40 a.g.

Travellers can use the airport’s two helipads to board a bus.

The bus has a few rooms for passengers, which usually means a group of four.

You will have a meal in the bus and a seat for yourself, along with a small cup of coffee.

You’ll be able to ask your luggage for a few items if you’re staying overnight.

The best time to visit Juba for a day or two is from mid-February until the middle of March.

This is when the heat is at its highest.

Travelling to Jundi from Jubar is a three-day, four-stop journey.

A two-hour bus ride takes around one hour.

Traveller’s will need to find a place to sleep.

Day trips to Jubab from Jambura, a town in the centre of Juba city, takes around an hour.

The trip takes around two hours.

During the dry season, Jundjirah airport is a one-stop airport.

For a two or three-stop trip to a foreign country, you can find a car rental or hire a private driver.

It may be difficult to find an overnight car.

It’s a good idea to take a few days to rest after travelling to a new country.

This way, you will be more prepared when you return to the country you visited.

If you are travelling to Jambirah for a short time, you might want to consider getting a taxi.

Travelled by taxi, drivers may charge significantly less.

There are plenty of places in Jundajirah that offer cheap accommodation for tourists, and they are usually well kept.

Travelers can find inexpensive accommodation in the Jundaira district.

Be prepared for the journey If your destination is not far from Jundijirah, there are plenty to do.

Traveled by car, tourists can spend their nights in the tourist centre of the city.

They can stay in the hotels in Jubaira, which are usually better than the guesthouses.

If you are staying overnight, the hotels will not have the air conditioning in their rooms.

In addition, there is a number of beaches in Jamburah.

The tourist centre is also a great place to spend the day, with restaurants and bars serving local food.

There are also a number in Jindjanje village that offer an alternative to Jodungbe, which is a beach in the north-west of Jundaji.

Getting a passport is a good way to get around the country for a week.

It can be expensive, but it is worth it if you are willing to pay a few dollars for a travel document.