Antiguan tourism is to bring its virtual tourism industry to the Antiguas.

The tourism operator Antigual Tourism announced in a press release on Tuesday that it will open a virtual hotel on the island of Antiguana.

Antiguan Tourism will also set up a virtual airport, a tourist hotel and a digital café in the capital, Guayaquil, where it will sell its virtual hotel services.

The Antiguelas tourism industry is based on tourism and tourism infrastructure, which means the tourist industry needs to be modernized and integrated into the infrastructure of the country, according to Antigueras Tourism Authority (ATMA) head, Jose Manuel Villafana.

He said the hotel would be situated in a “natural place” which could host tourist groups, but it will also attract more people to the country.

Villafana said the tourism operator will invest more than $30 million in the project.

The hotel will be located in the town of Guayaquitil.

The hotel will feature two floors of rooms and three floors of suites.

It will be open from May 31 to July 12 and will offer private dining and a spa, according the announcement.

It also has a cinema, a fitness center, a shopping center and an outdoor gym, according Antigue Tourism Authority.

Guayaquito, which is located about 100 kilometers from Guayaquinas capital, Quito, and is located between Antigües islands, is the most popular destination for visitors from the Caribbean.

It has about 3 million tourists annually.